Sir Philip Ledger, conductor, composer, pianist

Awards and Honours
Master of the Music, Chelmsford Cathedral1962 - 1965
Member of the Professorial Staff, Royal College of Music1962 - 1965
Director of Music, University of East Anglia1965 - 1973
Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Music, University of East Anglia1968 - 1971
An Artistic Director (later Vice-President) of the Aldeburgh Festival1968 -
Conductor of the Cambridge University Musical Society1973 - 1982
Director of Music, King's College, Cambridge1974 - 1982
Lecturer in Music, University of Cambridge1974 - 1982
Principal of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama1982 - 2001
Chairman of the Examinations Board of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music1986 - 2000
Chairman of the Diploma Board of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music2000 - 2001
President of the Royal College of Organists1992 - 1994
Chairman of the British Federation of Young Choirs Advisory Council1993 - 2000
President of the Incorporated Society of Musicians1994 - 1995
Chairman of the Committee of Principals of Conservatoires1994 - 1998
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